Hardwood Floors Maintenance Tips

Мore and more homeowners tend to pull up the carpets and rugs to show charming wood floors. With their easier cleaning and maintenance as well as longevity compared to textile floorings, wood floors have become an excellent option for every home. Depending on the quality of the material, putting an entirely new hardwood floor may sometimes be expensive, but if you are lucky to already have such flooring in your property, you should take really good care of it to keep it clean and flawless.

Wood Flooring Behavior In the Winter – Problems With Gaps

Winter is a the period when you can spot slight gaps appearing in your hardwood flooring between individual boards. The winter can influence the general condition of your floor which doesn’t look that attractive. It also makes it more difficult for you to keep the floor clean, as dirt can accumulate in those gaps. Moreover, what may annoy you is the squeaking sound of the boards which move, rubbing against each other. As winter ends and it gets slightly warmer, there will be no trace of the gaps. Such small gaps are nothing to worry about, but we have a few tips for you if you want to reduce this effect.

How To Refinish Solid Wood Flooring?

Solid wood flooring, which is among the most popular flooring types, is made of a single piece of wood. Such floors are very durable (up to 100 years) and probably most of you have this type of floor at your house or flat. Its considerable advantage as compared to other flooring options is the fact that you can re-coat and refinish it multiple times, making it look new and very appealing again.

Finished vs. Unfinished Wood Flooring

You have just laid a new flooring in your house and now there is one more decision you need to take as far as your new flooring project is concerned. Undoubtedly, pre-finished wood flooring is really convenient. However, you need to remember that unfinished wood flooring gives you much more freedom. With unfinished wood flooring there are no limits as to the selection of colors and finishes, so you have an impact on the final result. You can give free rein to your imagination and create a floor of your dreams. In the case of pre-finished flooring you have no influence on the end result.

How to Maintain Prefinished & Unfinished Wood Flooring?

Prefinished oak flooring is a type of flooring which takes much less time to be installed. The boards in this case have been finished before laying the floor. Therefore, you can determine what color and tone the floor will have once fitted. Such boards are usually finished with the use of hard wax oils or lacquers.

Parquet Flooring Problems

One of our trade customers recently asked our team for advice regarding 2,152 sq. ft. of high quality engineered parquet floor he had recently installed into a Hollywood Hills’ home . The floor began to show signs of distress after the first season it was exposed to heating and some of the parquet panels had started bowing at the corners.