Finished vs. Unfinished Wood Flooring

You have just laid a new flooring in your house and now there is one more decision you need to take as far as your new flooring project is concerned. Undoubtedly, pre-finished wood flooring is really convenient. However, you need to remember that unfinished wood flooring gives you much more freedom. With unfinished wood flooring there are no limits as to the selection of colors and finishes, so you have an impact on the final result. You can give free rein to your imagination and create a floor of your dreams. In the case of pre-finished flooring you have no influence on the end result.




Moreover, buying unfinished wood floor usually allows you to attain a better flooring creation. This type of a floor is sealed and finished after it has been laid, so you’ll get a more even finish and only slight gaps. In addition, sanding and finishing the floor after installation guarantees more stability and enables you to get a more uniform look that suits your interior space. Moreover, it helps maintain wood’s natural characteristics. If you pay much attention to those factors, you definitely need to think about choosing an unfinished wooden floor.




If you want to do borders or inlays or other customized elements, then an unfinished wood floor is without a doubt the right choice, as those elements are often unavailable with pre-finished flooring. Choosing the unfinished wood flooring, you’ll be able to alter the appearance of your floor after it has been installed. You’ll avoid all the frustration due to limitations of the pre-selected finish and dissatisfaction with the end result. If you’ve made up your mind and want to go for an unfinished floor, it is available as solid wood flooring, made of one piece of timber and very durable, or as engineered wood flooring, which is a durable option, convenient in terms of installation and more suitable for damp interiors.


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